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Largest places in United Kingdom
London London1.England England8,961,989
Birmingham Birmingham2.England England1,144,919
Liverpool Liverpool3.England England864,122
Glasgow Glasgow4.Scotland Scotland626,410
Sheffield Sheffield5.England England556,500
Leeds Leeds6.England England516,298
Edinburgh Edinburgh7.Scotland Scotland506,520
Bristol Bristol8.England England465,866
Cardiff Cardiff9.Wales Wales447,287
Manchester Manchester10.England England395,515
Leicester Leicester11.England England368,600
Bradford Bradford12.England England366,187
Belfast Belfast13.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland345,418
Coventry Coventry14.England England345,324
Birkenhead Birkenhead15.England England325,264
Nottingham Nottingham16.England England323,632
Islington Islington17.England England319,143
Reading Reading18.England England318,014
Kingston upon Hull Kingston upon Hull19.England England314,018
Preston Preston20.England England313,332
Newport Newport21.Wales Wales306,844
Swansea Swansea22.Wales Wales300,352
Newcastle upon Tyne Newcastle upon Tyne23.England England300,125
Southend-on-Sea Southend-on-Sea24.England England295,310
Brighton Brighton25.England England277,103
Derby Derby26.England England270,468
Southampton Southampton27.England England269,781
Wolverhampton Wolverhampton28.England England263,700
Plymouth Plymouth29.England England260,203
Stoke-on-Trent Stoke-on-Trent30.England England258,366
Milton Keynes Milton Keynes31.England England256,385
City of Westminster City of Westminster32.England England247,614
Northampton Northampton33.England England245,899
Oldham Oldham34.England England237,110
Bexley Bexley35.England England228,000
Luton Luton36.England England225,262
Archway Archway37.England England215,667
Portsmouth Portsmouth38.England England208,100
Swindon Swindon39.England England201,669
Dudley Dudley40.England England199,059
Aberdeen Aberdeen41.Scotland Scotland198,590
Sutton Sutton42.England England187,600
St Helens St Helens43.England England183,200
Crawley Crawley44.England England180,508
Ipswich Ipswich45.England England178,835
Wigan Wigan46.England England175,405
Croydon Croydon47.England England173,314
Warrington Warrington48.England England172,330
Walsall Walsall49.England England172,141
Mansfield Mansfield50.England England171,958

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