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Largest places in United Kingdom

The largest cities and places in United Kingdom at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in United Kingdom.

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Largest places in United Kingdom
Bury Bury151.England England61,044
Barking Barking152.England England61,000
Taunton Taunton153.England England60,433
Bangor Bangor154.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland60,385
Margate Margate155.England England60,134
Farnborough Farnborough156.England England59,902
Runcorn Runcorn157.England England59,679
Great Yarmouth Great Yarmouth158.England England59,601
Maidenhead Maidenhead159.England England59,463
Rhondda Rhondda160.Wales Wales59,450
Loughborough Loughborough161.England England59,317
Craigavon Craigavon162.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland59,236
Wallasey Wallasey163.England England58,794
Littlehampton Littlehampton164.England England58,714
Hereford Hereford165.England England58,281
Bootle Bootle166.England England57,791
Fareham Fareham167.England England57,390
Morley Morley168.England England57,385
Cheshunt Cheshunt169.England England57,374
Dartford Dartford170.England England56,694
Castlereagh Castlereagh171.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland56,679
Kidderminster Kidderminster172.England England56,657
Dewsbury Dewsbury173.England England56,640
Stourbridge Stourbridge174.England England56,284
Widnes Widnes175.England England56,097
Sale Sale176.England England55,689
Halesowen Halesowen177.England England55,265
South Croydon South Croydon178.England England55,198
Huyton Huyton179.England England54,738
Clacton-on-Sea Clacton-on-Sea180.England England54,674
Gravesend Gravesend181.England England54,263
Eastleigh Eastleigh182.England England54,225
Livingston Livingston183.Scotland Scotland53,798
Acton Acton184.England England53,689
Washington Washington185.England England53,526
Kettering Kettering186.England England53,329
Esher Esher187.England England52,392
Crosby Crosby188.England England52,140
Reigate Reigate189.England England52,123
Dunstable Dunstable190.England England51,973
Macclesfield Macclesfield191.England England51,739
Barry Barry192.Wales Wales51,681
Morecambe Morecambe193.England England51,644
Redhill Redhill194.England England51,559
Staines Staines195.England England51,040
Batley Batley196.England England50,807
Horsham Horsham197.England England50,680
Weymouth Weymouth198.England England50,253
Bletchley Bletchley199.England England50,193
Keighley Keighley200.England England50,171

151 - 200 of 500 places
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