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Largest places in United Kingdom

The largest cities and places in United Kingdom at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in United Kingdom.

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Largest places in United Kingdom
Witham Witham451.England England22,995
Westhoughton Westhoughton452.England England22,994
Litherland Litherland453.England England22,971
Rugeley Rugeley454.England England22,937
Royton Royton455.England England22,848
Walton-on-Thames Walton-on-Thames456.England England22,834
Wellington Wellington457.England England22,816
Woodford Green Woodford Green458.England England22,803
Kenilworth Kenilworth459.England England22,799
Chapletown Chapletown460.England England22,785
Stalybridge Stalybridge461.England England22,748
Evesham Evesham462.England England22,673
Bishopbriggs Bishopbriggs463.Scotland Scotland22,668
Musselburgh Musselburgh464.Scotland Scotland22,656
Stratford-upon-Avon Stratford-upon-Avon465.England England22,576
Alfreton Alfreton466.England England22,550
Haverhill Haverhill467.England England22,500
Camborne Camborne468.England England22,500
Belper Belper469.England England22,427
Clevedon Clevedon470.England England22,413
Spalding Spalding471.England England22,357
Thornaby-on-Tees Thornaby-on-Tees472.England England22,356
Seaford Seaford473.England England22,338
Arbroath Arbroath474.Scotland Scotland22,291
Maghull Maghull475.England England22,225
Falmouth Falmouth476.England England22,222
Daventry Daventry477.England England22,215
Shetland Shetland478.Scotland Scotland22,210
Godalming Godalming479.England England22,199
Potters Bar Potters Bar480.England England22,192
Rawtenstall Rawtenstall481.England England22,114
Truro Truro482.England England22,044
Portadown Portadown483.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland22,000
Retford Retford484.England England21,897
Yate Yate485.England England21,789
Newton-le-Willows Newton-le-Willows486.England England21,782
Rottingdean Rottingdean487.England England21,756
Amersham Amersham488.England England21,731
Hadley Wood Hadley Wood489.England England21,639
Ossett Ossett490.England England21,616
Thetford Thetford491.England England21,588
Buxton Buxton492.England England21,300
Elgin Elgin493.Scotland Scotland21,236
Horley Horley494.England England21,232
Maldon Maldon495.England England21,193
Seaham Seaham496.England England21,170
Ripley Ripley497.England England21,097
Huntingdon Huntingdon498.England England21,059
Omagh Omagh499.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland21,056
Consett Consett500.England England21,016

451 - 500 of 500 places
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