Largest places in United Kingdom

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Largest places in United Kingdom
Cheshunt Cheshunt201.England England57,374
Kidderminster Kidderminster202.England England57,059
Livingston Livingston203.Scotland Scotland56,840
Corby Corby204.England England56,810
Dartford Dartford205.England England56,694
Castlereagh Castlereagh206.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland56,679
Dewsbury Dewsbury207.England England56,640
Stourbridge Stourbridge208.England England56,284
Sale Sale209.England England55,689
Halesowen Halesowen210.England England55,265
Canterbury Canterbury211.England England55,240
South Croydon South Croydon212.England England55,198
Huyton Huyton213.England England54,738
Barry Barry214.Wales Wales54,673
Hamilton Hamilton215.Scotland Scotland54,480
Gravesend Gravesend216.England England54,263
Eastleigh Eastleigh217.England England54,225
Meikle Earnock Meikle Earnock218.Scotland Scotland54,080
Acton Acton219.England England53,689
Washington Washington220.England England53,526
Braintree Braintree221.England England53,477
Brentwood Brentwood222.England England52,586
Esher Esher223.England England52,392
Crosby Crosby224.England England52,140
Reigate Reigate225.England England52,123
Dunstable Dunstable226.England England51,973
Morecambe Morecambe227.England England51,644
Cumbernauld Cumbernauld228.Scotland Scotland51,610
Redhill Redhill229.England England51,559
Horsham Horsham230.England England51,472
Staines Staines231.England England51,040
Batley Batley232.England England50,807
Wellingborough Wellingborough233.England England50,577
Clacton-on-Sea Clacton-on-Sea234.England England50,548
Dunfermline Dunfermline235.Scotland Scotland50,380
Bletchley Bletchley236.England England50,193
Keighley Keighley237.England England50,171
Hayes Hayes238.England England50,000
Paignton Paignton239.England England49,886
Bridgend Bridgend240.Wales Wales49,597
Llanelli Llanelli241.Wales Wales49,591
Kirkcaldy Kirkcaldy242.Scotland Scotland49,460
Bromsgrove Bromsgrove243.England England49,117
Eltham Eltham244.England England48,964
Sittingbourne Sittingbourne245.England England48,948
South Benfleet South Benfleet246.England England48,824
Banbury Banbury247.England England48,651
West Bridgford West Bridgford248.England England48,314
Morden Morden249.England England48,233
Cwmbran Cwmbran250.Wales Wales48,157

201 - 250 of 500 places
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