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There are 85 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'SP' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with SP
Spalding Spalding1.England England31,588
Spaldington Spaldington2.England England-
Spaldwick Spaldwick3.England England631
Spanby Spanby4.England England-
Sparham Sparham5.England England-
Spark Bridge Spark Bridge6.England England-
Sparkbrook Sparkbrook7.England England-
Sparkford Sparkford8.England England460
Sparkhill Sparkhill9.England England-
Sparkwell Village Sparkwell Village10.England England-
Sparrowpit Sparrowpit11.England England-
Sparsholt Sparsholt12.England England417
Sparsholt Sparsholt13.England England-
Spaxton Spaxton14.England England321
Spean Bridge Spean Bridge15.Scotland Scotland570
Speen Speen16.England England-
Speen Speen17.England England-
Speeton Speeton18.England England-
Speke Speke19.England England-
Speldhurst Speldhurst20.England England1,436
Spellbrook Spellbrook21.England England-
Spelsbury Spelsbury22.England England-
Spen Brook Spen Brook23.England England-
Spen Green Spen Green24.England England-
Spencers Wood Spencers Wood25.England England-
Spennithorne Spennithorne26.England England-
Spennymoor Spennymoor27.England England17,766
Spetchley Spetchley28.England England-
Spetisbury Spetisbury29.England England555
Spexhall Spexhall30.England England-
Spey Bay Spey Bay31.Scotland Scotland-
Spilsby Spilsby32.England England3,440
Spinkhill Spinkhill33.England England-
Spinningdale Spinningdale34.Scotland Scotland81
Spion Kop Spion Kop35.England England-
Spital in the Street Spital in the Street36.England England-
Spitalfields Spitalfields37.England England10,286
Spitalfields and Banglatown Spitalfields and Banglatown38.England England-
Spittal Spittal39.England England-
Spittal Spittal40.Scotland Scotland-
Spittal Spittal41.Scotland Scotland-
Spittal Spittal42.Wales Wales494
Spittal of Glenshee Spittal of Glenshee43.Scotland Scotland-
Spittalfield Spittalfield44.Scotland Scotland-
Spixworth Spixworth45.England England3,598
Splot Splot46.Wales Wales-
Spofforth Spofforth47.England England1,169
Spon End Spon End48.England England-
Spondon Spondon49.England England-
Spooner Row Spooner Row50.England England-

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