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There are 101 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'SC' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with SC
Scackleton Scackleton1.England England-
Scaftworth Scaftworth2.England England-
Scagglethorpe Scagglethorpe3.England England-
Scalasaig Scalasaig4.Scotland Scotland-
Scalby Scalby5.England England-
Scalby Scalby6.England England9,462
Scaldwell Scaldwell7.England England-
Scaleby Scaleby8.England England-
Scalehouses Scalehouses9.England England-
Scales Scales10.England England-
Scalford Scalford11.England England-
Scalloway Scalloway12.Scotland Scotland1,100
Scalpay Village Scalpay Village13.Scotland Scotland-
Scamadale Scamadale14.Scotland Scotland-
Scamblesby Scamblesby15.England England228
Scamodale Scamodale16.Scotland Scotland-
Scampston Scampston17.England England-
Scampton Scampton18.England England-
Scapa Scapa19.Scotland Scotland-
Scapegoat Hill Scapegoat Hill20.England England-
Scarborough Scarborough21.England England61,749
Scarcliffe Scarcliffe22.England England-
Scarcroft Scarcroft23.England England1,194
Scardans Scardans24.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Scardans Lower Scardans Lower25.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Scardans Upper Scardans Upper26.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Scardroy Scardroy27.Scotland Scotland-
Scarecewater Scarecewater28.England England-
Scarfskerry Scarfskerry29.Scotland Scotland-
Scarinish Scarinish30.Scotland Scotland-
Scarisbrick Scarisbrick31.England England-
Scarning Scarning32.England England-
Scarrington Scarrington33.England England-
Scarthingwell Scarthingwell34.England England-
Scartho Scartho35.England England-
Scarva Scarva36.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Scarwell Scarwell37.Scotland Scotland-
Scatness Scatness38.Scotland Scotland-
Scawby Scawby39.England England1,631
Scawby Brook Scawby Brook40.England England-
Scawsby Scawsby41.England England-
Scawthorpe Scawthorpe42.England England-
Scawton Scawton43.England England-
Scayne's Hill Scayne's Hill44.England England-
Schivas Schivas45.Scotland Scotland-
Scholar Green Scholar Green46.England England-
Scholes Scholes47.England England2,266
Scholes Scholes48.England England-
Scholes Scholes49.England England-
Scholes Scholes50.England England-

1 - 50 of 101 places
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