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Alphabetical index of places in United Kingdom with SW

There are 85 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'SW' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with SW
Swaby Swaby1.England England-
Swadlincote Swadlincote2.England England40,960
Swaffham Swaffham3.England England7,258
Swaffham Bulbeck Swaffham Bulbeck4.England England708
Swaffham Prior Swaffham Prior5.England England841
Swafield Swafield6.England England-
Swainbost Swainbost7.Scotland Scotland-
Swainby Swainby8.England England597
Swainshill Swainshill9.England England-
Swainsthorpe Swainsthorpe10.England England-
Swaithe Swaithe11.England England-
Swalcliffe Swalcliffe12.England England-
Swalecliffe Swalecliffe13.England England-
Swallow Swallow14.England England-
Swallowcliffe Swallowcliffe15.England England-
Swallowfield Swallowfield16.England England-
Swallownest Swallownest17.England England-
Swalwell Swalwell18.England England-
Swan Green Swan Green19.England England-
Swan Village Swan Village20.England England-
Swanage Swanage21.England England10,454
Swanborough Swanborough22.England England-
Swanbourne Swanbourne23.England England437
Swanland Swanland24.England England-
Swanley Swanley25.England England21,839
Swanmore Swanmore26.England England2,683
Swannington Swannington27.England England-
Swannington Swannington28.England England-
Swanscombe Swanscombe29.England England15,732
Swansea Swansea30.Wales Wales300,352
Swanton Abbot Swanton Abbot31.England England-
Swanton Morley Swanton Morley32.England England-
Swanton Novers Swanton Novers33.England England-
Swanwick Swanwick34.England England-
Swarby Swarby35.England England-
Swardeston Swardeston36.England England619
Swarkestone Swarkestone37.England England-
Swarland Swarland38.England England634
Swarthmoor Swarthmoor39.England England1,076
Swaton Swaton40.England England201
Swatragh Swatragh41.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Swavesey Swavesey42.England England2,463
Sway Sway43.England England2,421
Swayfield Swayfield44.England England316
Swaythling Swaythling45.England England-
Sweffling Sweffling46.England England-
Swepstone Swepstone47.England England-
Swerford Swerford48.England England-
Swettenham Swettenham49.England England-
Swffryd Swffryd50.Wales Wales-

1 - 50 of 85 places
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