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There are 716 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'ST' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with ST
St Agnes St Agnes1.England England73
St Albans St Albans2.England England84,561
St Ann's Chapel St Ann's Chapel3.England England-
St Ann's Chapel St Ann's Chapel4.England England-
St Anthony's Hill St Anthony's Hill5.England England-
St Athan St Athan6.Wales Wales-
St Austell St Austell7.England England25,447
St Briavels Common St Briavels Common8.England England-
St Bride's Netherwent St Bride's Netherwent9.Wales Wales-
St Chloe St Chloe10.England England-
St Columb Road St Columb Road11.England England-
St David's St David's12.Scotland Scotland-
St George St George13.Wales Wales-
St Giles in the Wood St Giles in the Wood14.England England-
St Helen's St Helen's15.England England-
St Helens St Helens16.England England183,200
St Ive Cross St Ive Cross17.England England-
St Ives St Ives18.England England9,966
St James's St James's19.England England-
St John St John20.England England-
St John's Chapel St John's Chapel21.England England-
St John's Wood St John's Wood22.England England-
St Johns Fen End St Johns Fen End23.England England-
St Just St Just24.England England1,957
St Kew Highway St Kew Highway25.England England-
St Lawrence St Lawrence26.England England-
St Leonards St Leonards27.England England5,984
St Leonards St Leonards28.England England-
St Madoes St Madoes29.Scotland Scotland-
St Margaret's Bay St Margaret's Bay30.England England-
St Margarets St Margarets31.England England-
St Martin's St Martin's32.England England142
St Martins St Martins33.England England-
St Mary Bourne St Mary Bourne34.England England671
St Mary Cray St Mary Cray35.England England-
St Mary in the Marsh St Mary in the Marsh36.England England-
St Mary's St Mary's37.England England1,666
St Mary's St Mary's38.Scotland Scotland-
St Mary's Bay St Mary's Bay39.England England3,028
St Mewan St Mewan40.England England-
St Michael South Elmham St Michael South Elmham41.England England-
St Michaels St Michaels42.England England-
St Olaves St Olaves43.England England282
St Owen's Cross St Owen's Cross44.England England-
St Paul's St Paul's45.England England-
St Peter South Elmham St Peter South Elmham46.England England-
St. Andrew's St. Andrew's47.England England-
St. Ann's St. Ann's48.England England14,638
St. Buryan St. Buryan49.England England-
St. Charles St. Charles50.England England-

1 - 50 of 716 places
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