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Alphabetical index of places in United Kingdom with GI

There are 50 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'GI' (in alphabetical order).
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Gibbons Down   to   Givons Grove
Places in United Kingdom with GI
Gibbons Down Gibbons Down1.Wales Wales-
Gibraltar Gibraltar2.England England-
Gidea Park Gidea Park3.England England-
Gidleigh Gidleigh4.England England-
Giffnock Giffnock5.Scotland Scotland12,070
Gifford Gifford6.Scotland Scotland780
Giggleswick Giggleswick7.England England-
Gilberdyke Gilberdyke8.England England3,430
Gilbert's End Gilbert's End9.England England-
Gilcrux Gilcrux10.England England-
Gildersome Gildersome11.England England-
Gildingwells Gildingwells12.England England-
Gileston Gileston13.Wales Wales-
Gilfach Goch Gilfach Goch14.Wales Wales2,532
Gilfachreda Gilfachreda15.Wales Wales-
Gilford Gilford16.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland1,583
Gilgarran Gilgarran17.England England-
Gill's Green Gill's Green18.England England-
Gillamoor Gillamoor19.England England-
Gillespie Gillespie20.Scotland Scotland-
Gilling Gilling21.England England-
Gilling East Gilling East22.England England-
Gillingham Gillingham23.England England101,187
Gillingham Gillingham24.England England8,822
Gillingham Gillingham25.England England-
Gillmoss Gillmoss26.England England-
Gillock Gillock27.Scotland Scotland-
Gills Gills28.Scotland Scotland-
Gilmerton Gilmerton29.Scotland Scotland-
Gilmerton Gilmerton30.Scotland Scotland-
Gilmorton Gilmorton31.England England976
Gilnahirk Gilnahirk32.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Gilsland Gilsland33.England England205
Gilston Park Gilston Park34.England England-
Giltbrook Giltbrook35.England England-
Gilwern Gilwern36.Wales Wales2,263
Gimingham Gimingham37.England England513
Gipping Gipping38.England England-
Gipsey Bridge Gipsey Bridge39.England England-
Gipsy Hill Gipsy Hill40.England England13,712
Girdle Toll Girdle Toll41.Scotland Scotland-
Girthon Girthon42.Scotland Scotland-
Girton Girton43.England England3,836
Girvan Girvan44.Scotland Scotland6,650
Gisburn Gisburn45.England England521
Gisleham Gisleham46.England England-
Gislingham Gislingham47.England England669
Gissing Gissing48.England England-
Gittisham Gittisham49.England England-
Givons Grove Givons Grove50.England England-

1 - 50 of 50 places