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Alphabetical index of places in United Kingdom with GE

There are 32 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'GE' (in alphabetical order).
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Gearraidh na Monadh   to   Gestingthorpe
Places in United Kingdom with GE
Gearraidh na Monadh Geàrraidh na Mònadh1.Scotland Scotland-
Gearstones Gearstones2.England England-
Geary Geary3.Scotland Scotland-
Gedding Gedding4.England England-
Geddington Geddington5.England England1,503
Gedling Gedling6.England England6,817
Gedney Gedney7.England England311
Gedney Drove End Gedney Drove End8.England England-
Gedney Dyke Gedney Dyke9.England England-
Gedney Hill Gedney Hill10.England England1,072
Gegin Gegin11.Wales Wales-
Geirinis Geirinis12.Scotland Scotland-
Geldeston Geldeston13.England England397
Gelli Gelli14.Wales Wales-
Gellifor Gellifor15.Wales Wales-
Gelligaer Gelligaer16.Wales Wales17,376
Gellilydan Gellilydan17.Wales Wales-
Gellinudd Gellinudd18.Wales Wales-
Gellyburn Gellyburn19.Scotland Scotland-
Gellywen Gellywen20.Wales Wales-
Gelston Gelston21.Scotland Scotland-
Gentleshaw Gentleshaw22.England England-
George Green George Green23.England England-
George Nympton George Nympton24.England England-
Georgeham Georgeham25.England England467
Georgetown Georgetown26.Scotland Scotland-
Georth Georth27.Scotland Scotland-
Germansweek Germansweek28.England England-
Germoe Germoe29.England England175
Gerrans Gerrans30.England England535
Gerrards Cross Gerrards Cross31.England England20,633
Gestingthorpe Gestingthorpe32.England England-

1 - 32 of 32 places