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Alphabetical index of places in United Kingdom with CO

There are 559 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'CO' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with CO
Coa Coa1.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Coad's Green Coad's Green2.England England-
Coagh Coagh3.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Coalbrookdale Coalbrookdale4.England England-
Coalburn Coalburn5.Scotland Scotland1,267
Coalcleugh Coalcleugh6.England England-
Coaley Coaley7.England England-
Coalhall Coalhall8.Scotland Scotland-
Coalhill Coalhill9.England England-
Coalisland Coalisland10.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland5,416
Coalpit Heath Coalpit Heath11.England England-
Coalport Coalport12.England England-
Coalsnaughton Coalsnaughton13.Scotland Scotland850
Coaltown of Balgonie Coaltown of Balgonie14.Scotland Scotland1,040
Coaltown of Wemyss Coaltown of Wemyss15.Scotland Scotland610
Coalville Coalville16.England England38,245
Coalway Coalway17.England England-
Coanwood Coanwood18.England England-
Coat Coat19.England England-
Coatbridge Coatbridge20.Scotland Scotland43,970
Coate Coate21.England England-
Coates Coates22.England England2,148
Coates Coates23.England England-
Coates Coates24.England England-
Coatham Mundeville Coatham Mundeville25.England England-
Cobairdy Cobairdy26.Scotland Scotland-
Coberley Coberley27.England England-
Cobhall Common Cobhall Common28.England England-
Cobham Cobham29.England England-
Cobham Cobham30.England England16,724
Cobnash Cobnash31.England England-
Cobridge Cobridge32.England England-
Cock Alley Cock Alley33.England England-
Cock Bridge Cock Bridge34.Scotland Scotland-
Cock Clarks Cock Clarks35.England England-
Cockayne Hatley Cockayne Hatley36.England England-
Cockburnspath Cockburnspath37.Scotland Scotland-
Cockenzie Cockenzie38.Scotland Scotland5,660
Cockerham Cockerham39.England England-
Cockermouth Cockermouth40.England England9,146
Cockernhoe Cockernhoe41.England England-
Cockfield Cockfield42.England England1,531
Cockfield Cockfield43.England England-
Cockfosters Cockfosters44.England England-
Cocking Cocking45.England England420
Cockington Cockington46.England England10,000
Cocklake Cocklake47.England England419
Cocklawfoot Cocklawfoot48.Scotland Scotland-
Cockley Cley Cockley Cley49.England England-
Cockshutt Cockshutt50.England England787

1 - 50 of 559 places
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