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There are 240 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'CL' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with CL
Clabby Clabby1.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Clabhach Clabhach2.Scotland Scotland-
Clachaig Clachaig3.Scotland Scotland-
Clachan Clachan4.Scotland Scotland-
Clachan Clachan5.Scotland Scotland-
Clachan Clachan6.Scotland Scotland-
Clachan Clachan7.Scotland Scotland-
Clachan Clachan8.Scotland Scotland-
Clachan of Campsie Clachan of Campsie9.Scotland Scotland-
Clachan of Glendaruel Clachan of Glendaruel10.Scotland Scotland-
Clachandhu Clachandhu11.Scotland Scotland-
Clachnabrain Clachnabrain12.Scotland Scotland-
Clachtoll Clachtoll13.Scotland Scotland-
Clack Clack14.England England-
Clackavoid Clackavoid15.Scotland Scotland-
Clackmannan Clackmannan16.Scotland Scotland3,450
Clacton-on-Sea Clacton-on-Sea17.England England50,548
Claddach Kirkibost Claddach Kirkibost18.Scotland Scotland-
Cladich Cladich19.Scotland Scotland-
Cladswell Cladswell20.England England-
Clady Clady21.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Claggan Claggan22.Scotland Scotland-
Claines Claines23.England England-
Clampits Clampits24.England England-
Clanabogan Clanabogan25.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Clanfield Clanfield26.England England879
Clanfield Clanfield27.England England-
Clanna Clanna28.England England-
Claonaig Claonaig29.Scotland Scotland-
Claonairi Claonairi30.Scotland Scotland-
Clap Hill Clap Hill31.England England-
Clapgate Clapgate32.England England-
Clapham Clapham33.England England-
Clapham Clapham34.England England4,560
Clapham Clapham35.England England-
Clapham Clapham36.England England-
Clapham Common Clapham Common37.England England-
Clapham Green Clapham Green38.England England-
Clapham Junction Clapham Junction39.England England-
Clapham North Clapham North40.England England-
Clapham Town Clapham Town41.England England-
Clappersgate Clappersgate42.England England-
Clapton Clapton43.England England-
Clapton Clapton44.England England-
Clapton Clapton45.England England-
Clapton in Gordano Clapton in Gordano46.England England348
Clara Vale Clara Vale47.England England-
Clarbeston Clarbeston48.Wales Wales-
Clarbeston Road Clarbeston Road49.Wales Wales318
Clarborough Clarborough50.England England1,281

1 - 50 of 240 places
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