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Alphabetical index of places in United Kingdom with NA

There are 62 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'NA' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with NA
Nab's Head Nab's Head1.England England-
Naburn Naburn2.England England-
Nacton Nacton3.England England414
Nadderwater Nadderwater4.England England-
Nafferton Nafferton5.England England2,433
Nailsbourne Nailsbourne6.England England-
Nailsea Nailsea7.England England20,543
Nailsea and Backwell Nailsea and Backwell8.England England-
Nailstone Nailstone9.England England-
Nailsworth Nailsworth10.England England5,394
Nairn Nairn11.Scotland Scotland9,860
Nancegollan Nancegollan12.England England-
Nancekuke Nancekuke13.England England-
Nancledra Nancledra14.England England-
Nangreaves Nangreaves15.England England-
Nannerch Nannerch16.Wales Wales-
Nanpean Nanpean17.England England2,563
Nanstallon Nanstallon18.England England-
Nant Gwynant Nant Gwynant19.Wales Wales-
Nant Peris Nant Peris20.Wales Wales-
Nant-y-bwch Nant-y-bwch21.Wales Wales-
Nant-y-cafn Nant-y-cafn22.Wales Wales-
Nant-y-moel Nant-y-moel23.Wales Wales-
Nant-y-Patrick Nant-y-Patrick24.Wales Wales-
Nantcwnlle Nantcwnlle25.Wales Wales-
Nantgaredig Nantgaredig26.Wales Wales524
Nantgarw Nantgarw27.Wales Wales-
Nantglyn Nantglyn28.Wales Wales-
Nantlle Nantlle29.Wales Wales-
Nantmawr Nantmawr30.England England-
Nantmel Nantmel31.Wales Wales-
Nantwich Nantwich32.England England17,226
Nantycaws Nantycaws33.Wales Wales-
Nantyglo Nantyglo34.Wales Wales-
Naphill Naphill35.England England-
Napsbury Park Napsbury Park36.England England-
Napton on the Hill Napton on the Hill37.England England898
Narberth Narberth38.Wales Wales2,265
Narborough Narborough39.England England1,094
Narborough Narborough40.England England6,321
Narford Narford41.England England-
Nasareth Nasareth42.Wales Wales-
Naseby Naseby43.England England687
Nash Nash44.England England417
Nash Nash45.Wales Wales-
Nassington Nassington46.England England827
Nasty Nasty47.England England-
Nateby Nateby48.England England-
Nately Scures Nately Scures49.England England-
Natland Natland50.England England-

1 - 50 of 62 places
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