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There are 122 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'EL' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with EL
Elberton Elberton1.England England-
Elborough Elborough2.England England-
Elburton Elburton3.England England-
Elcot Elcot4.England England-
Elder Street Elder Street5.England England-
Eldersfield Eldersfield6.England England-
Elderslie Elderslie7.Scotland Scotland5,690
Eldon Eldon8.England England-
Eldrig Village Eldrig Village9.Scotland Scotland-
Eldroth Eldroth10.England England-
Elephant & Castle Elephant & Castle11.England England-
Elerch Elerch12.Wales Wales-
Elford Elford13.England England632
Elford Elford14.England England-
Elgin Elgin15.Scotland Scotland25,040
Elgol Elgol16.Scotland Scotland168
Elham Elham17.England England911
Elie Elie18.Scotland Scotland949
Elim Elim19.Wales Wales-
Eling Eling20.England England-
Eliock Eliock21.Scotland Scotland-
Elkesley Elkesley22.England England822
Elkstone Elkstone23.England England-
Elland Elland24.England England15,625
Elland Lower Edge Elland Lower Edge25.England England-
Ellary Ellary26.Scotland Scotland-
Ellastone Ellastone27.England England320
Ellel Ellel28.England England-
Ellemford Ellemford29.Scotland Scotland-
Ellen's Green Ellen's Green30.England England-
Ellenabeich Ellenabeich31.Scotland Scotland-
Ellenborough Ellenborough32.England England-
Ellenbrook Ellenbrook33.England England-
Ellenbrook Ellenbrook34.England England-
Ellenhall Ellenhall35.England England-
Ellerby Ellerby36.England England-
Ellerdine Heath Ellerdine Heath37.England England-
Ellerker Ellerker38.England England307
Ellerton Ellerton39.England England388
Ellesborough Ellesborough40.England England544
Ellesmere Ellesmere41.England England3,686
Ellesmere Port Town Ellesmere Port Town42.England England61,768
Ellicombe Ellicombe43.England England-
Ellingham Ellingham44.England England-
Ellingham Ellingham45.England England679
Ellingham Ellingham46.England England-
Ellington Ellington47.England England-
Ellington Ellington48.England England-
Ellington Ellington49.England England585
Elliot's Green Elliot's Green50.England England-

1 - 50 of 122 places
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