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Places in United Kingdom with FR

Search and find places in United Kingdom with first letters FR.

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Alphabetical index of places in United Kingdom with FR

There are 83 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'FR' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Frachadil   to   Fringford
Places in United Kingdom with FR
Frachadil Frachadil1.Scotland Scotland-
Fraisthorpe Fraisthorpe2.England England-
Framfield Framfield3.England England-
Framilode Framilode4.England England-
Framlingham Framlingham5.England England2,902
Frampton Frampton6.England England-
Frampton Frampton7.England England-
Frampton Cotterell Frampton Cotterell8.England England-
Frampton on Severn Frampton on Severn9.England England-
Framsden Framsden10.England England-
Framwellgate Moor Framwellgate Moor11.England England-
Frankby Frankby12.England England310
Frankley Frankley13.England England-
Frankton Frankton14.England England-
Frankton Frankton15.England England-
Frant Frant16.England England-
Fraserburgh Fraserburgh17.Scotland Scotland12,249
Fratton Fratton18.England England-
Frecheville Frecheville19.England England-
Freckenham Freckenham20.England England-
Freckleton Freckleton21.England England8,576
Freeby Freeby22.England England-
Freethorpe Freethorpe23.England England-
Freiston Freiston24.England England-
Fremington Fremington25.England England4,010
Fremlin Walk Fremlin Walk26.England England-
Frenchay Frenchay27.England England-
Frensham Frensham28.England England-
Fresgoe Fresgoe29.Scotland Scotland-
Freshfield Freshfield30.England England-
Freshford Freshford31.England England-
Freshwater Freshwater32.England England8,224
Freshwater East Freshwater East33.Wales Wales-
Fressingfield Fressingfield34.England England-
Freston Freston35.England England-
Freswick Freswick36.Scotland Scotland-
Freuchie Freuchie37.Scotland Scotland1,120
Freuchie Mill Freuchie Mill38.Scotland Scotland90
Freystrop Freystrop39.Wales Wales-
Friar's Gate Friar's Gate40.England England-
Friday Street Friday Street41.England England-
Fridaythorpe Fridaythorpe42.England England-
Friern Barnet Friern Barnet43.England England-
Friesland Friesland44.Scotland Scotland-
Frieth Frieth45.England England-
Frilford Frilford46.England England-
Frilsham Frilsham47.England England-
Frimley Frimley48.England England12,739
Frimley Green Frimley Green49.England England-
Fringford Fringford50.England England-

1 - 50 of 83 places
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