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Alphabetical index of places in United Kingdom with WR

There are 46 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'WR' (in alphabetical order).
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Wrabness   to   Wroxton
Places in United Kingdom with WR
Wrabness Wrabness1.England England-
Wrafton Wrafton2.England England-
Wragby Wragby3.England England1,768
Wragby Wragby4.England England-
Wramplingham Wramplingham5.England England-
Wrangaton Wrangaton6.England England-
Wrangle Wrangle7.England England887
Wrangle Bank Wrangle Bank8.England England-
Wrantage Wrantage9.England England-
Wrawby Wrawby10.England England1,469
Wraxall Wraxall11.England England-
Wraxall Wraxall12.England England-
Wray Wray13.England England-
Wraysbury Wraysbury14.England England-
Wrea Green Wrea Green15.England England1,373
Wreay Wreay16.England England-
Wrecclesham Wrecclesham17.England England-
Wrekenton Wrekenton18.England England-
Wrekin Wrekin19.England England-
Wrelton Wrelton20.England England-
Wrenbury Wrenbury21.England England-
Wrenbury Heath Wrenbury Heath22.England England-
Wreningham Wreningham23.England England-
Wrentham Wrentham24.England England830
Wrenthorpe Wrenthorpe25.England England-
Wressell Wressell26.England England-
Wressle Wressle27.England England-
Wrestlingworth Wrestlingworth28.England England591
Wretton Wretton29.England England-
Wrexham Wrexham30.Wales Wales65,692
Wribbenhall Wribbenhall31.England England-
Wrightington Bar Wrightington Bar32.England England-
Wrinehill Wrinehill33.England England-
Wrington Wrington34.England England1,918
Writhlington Writhlington35.England England-
Writtle Writtle36.England England4,840
Wrockwardine Wrockwardine37.England England-
Wroot Wroot38.England England455
Wrotham Wrotham39.England England1,921
Wrotham Heath Wrotham Heath40.England England-
Wroughton Wroughton41.England England6,474
Wroxall Wroxall42.England England1,927
Wroxall Wroxall43.England England1,753
Wroxeter Wroxeter44.England England-
Wroxham Wroxham45.England England-
Wroxton Wroxton46.England England326

1 - 46 of 46 places