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Alphabetical index of places in United Kingdom with TE

There are 83 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'TE' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with TE
Tealby Tealby1.England England-
Tean Tean2.England England-
Teanamachar Teanamachar3.Scotland Scotland-
Teangue Teangue4.Scotland Scotland-
Teasley Mead Teasley Mead5.England England-
Tebay Tebay6.England England393
Tebworth Tebworth7.England England475
Tedburn Saint Mary Tedburn Saint Mary8.England England-
Teddington Teddington9.England England299
Teddington Teddington10.England England9,615
Tedstone Delamere Tedstone Delamere11.England England-
Teeshan Teeshan12.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Teffont Evias Teffont Evias13.England England-
Teffont Magna Teffont Magna14.England England248
Tegryn Tegryn15.Wales Wales-
Teign Village Teign Village16.England England-
Teigngrace Teigngrace17.England England-
Teignmouth Teignmouth18.England England17,463
Telegraph Hill Telegraph Hill19.England England-
Telford Telford20.England England155,570
Telham Telham21.England England-
Telscombe Cliffs Telscombe Cliffs22.England England-
Templand Templand23.Scotland Scotland-
Temple Temple24.England England-
Temple Temple25.England England-
Temple Temple26.Scotland Scotland-
Temple Balsall Temple Balsall27.England England-
Temple Bar Temple Bar28.Wales Wales-
Temple Bar Temple Bar29.Wales Wales-
Temple Cloud Temple Cloud30.England England-
Temple Ewell Temple Ewell31.England England-
Temple Grafton Temple Grafton32.England England-
Temple Guiting Temple Guiting33.England England-
Temple Herdewyke Temple Herdewyke34.England England-
Temple Hirst Temple Hirst35.England England-
Temple Normanton Temple Normanton36.England England-
Temple Sowerby Temple Sowerby37.England England528
Templeborough Templeborough38.England England-
Templecombe Templecombe39.England England1,560
Templehall Templehall40.Scotland Scotland-
Templemoyle Templemoyle41.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Templepatrick Templepatrick42.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland1,627
Templeton Templeton43.England England-
Templeton Templeton44.Wales Wales627
Tempo Tempo45.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Tempsford Tempsford46.England England590
Ten Mile Bank Ten Mile Bank47.England England-
Tenbury Wells Tenbury Wells48.England England3,849
Tenby Tenby49.Wales Wales4,696
Tendring Tendring50.England England-

1 - 50 of 83 places
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