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There are 716 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'ST' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with ST
Starcross Starcross251.England England1,737
Starkholmes Starkholmes252.England England-
Starston Starston253.England England-
Start Hill Start Hill254.England England-
Startforth Startforth255.England England-
Startley Startley256.England England-
Stathe Stathe257.England England-
Stathern Stathern258.England England728
Station Town Station Town259.England England-
Staunton Staunton260.England England-
Staunton Staunton261.England England-
Staunton Staunton262.England England-
Staunton in the Vale Staunton in the Vale263.England England-
Staunton on Wye Staunton on Wye264.England England-
Staveley Staveley265.England England1,384
Staveley Staveley266.England England-
Staveley Staveley267.England England25,719
Staveley-in-Cartmel Staveley-in-Cartmel268.England England-
Staverton Staverton269.England England458
Staverton Staverton270.England England-
Staverton Staverton271.England England-
Staverton Staverton272.England England-
Staverton Bridge Staverton Bridge273.England England-
Stawell Stawell274.England England-
Stawley Stawley275.England England-
Staxigoe Staxigoe276.Scotland Scotland-
Staxton Staxton277.England England-
Staylittle Staylittle278.Wales Wales-
Staythorpe Staythorpe279.England England-
Steart Steart280.England England-
Stebbing Stebbing281.England England923
Stebbligrind Stebbligrind282.Scotland Scotland-
Stechford Stechford283.England England-
Stedham Stedham284.England England544
Steelend Steelend285.Scotland Scotland-
Steens Bridge Steens Bridge286.England England-
Steep Steep287.England England849
Steep Marsh Steep Marsh288.England England-
Steeple Steeple289.England England490
Steeple Steeple290.England England-
Steeple Ashton Steeple Ashton291.England England935
Steeple Aston Steeple Aston292.England England947
Steeple Bumpstead Steeple Bumpstead293.England England1,432
Steeple Claydon Steeple Claydon294.England England2,114
Steeple Langford Steeple Langford295.England England-
Steeple Morden Steeple Morden296.England England852
Steeton Steeton297.England England4,196
Stein Stein298.Scotland Scotland-
Steinis Steinis299.Scotland Scotland-
Stelling Stelling300.England England-

251 - 300 of 716 places
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