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There are 716 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'ST' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with ST
Stoke Row Stoke Row451.England England-
Stoke Saint Gregory Stoke Saint Gregory452.England England-
Stoke Saint Milborough Stoke Saint Milborough453.England England-
Stoke St Mary Stoke St Mary454.England England-
Stoke St Michael Stoke St Michael455.England England731
Stoke Trister Stoke Trister456.England England-
Stoke upon Tern Stoke upon Tern457.England England-
Stoke-by-Nayland Stoke-by-Nayland458.England England400
Stoke-on-Trent Stoke-on-Trent459.England England258,366
Stoke-sub-Hamdon Stoke-sub-Hamdon460.England England2,004
Stokeham Stokeham461.England England-
Stokeinteignhead Stokeinteignhead462.England England354
Stokenchurch Stokenchurch463.England England4,056
Stokenham Stokenham464.England England362
Stokesay Stokesay465.England England-
Stokesby Stokesby466.England England-
Stokesley Stokesley467.England England4,757
Stolford Stolford468.England England-
Ston Easton Ston Easton469.England England-
Stondon Stondon470.England England-
Stondon Massey Stondon Massey471.England England-
Stone Stone472.England England6,100
Stone Stone473.England England14,258
Stone Stone474.England England782
Stone Stone475.England England2,019
Stone Stone476.England England469
Stone Stone477.England England6,100
Stone Stone478.England England-
Stone Allerton Stone Allerton479.England England-
Stone Chair Stone Chair480.England England-
Stone Cross Stone Cross481.England England-
Stone Street Stone Street482.England England-
Stone Street Stone Street483.England England-
Stone Street Stone Street484.England England-
Stone-edge Batch Stone-edge Batch485.England England-
Stonebridge Stonebridge486.England England-
Stonebridge Stonebridge487.England England-
Stonebridge Stonebridge488.England England-
Stonebroom Stonebroom489.England England-
Stonecot Stonecot490.England England-
Stonefield Stonefield491.Scotland Scotland-
Stonefort Stonefort492.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Stonegate Stonegate493.England England-
Stonegrave Stonegrave494.England England-
Stoneham Stoneham495.England England-
Stonehaven Stonehaven496.Scotland Scotland11,370
Stonehouse Stonehouse497.England England7,481
Stonehouse Stonehouse498.England England-
Stonehouse Stonehouse499.Scotland Scotland5,500
Stoneleigh Stoneleigh500.England England341

451 - 500 of 716 places
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