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Alphabetical index of places in United Kingdom with RO

There are 231 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'RO' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with RO
Roa Island Roa Island1.England England-
Roade Roade2.England England2,312
Roadhead Roadhead3.England England-
Roadside Roadside4.Scotland Scotland-
Roadwater Roadwater5.England England-
Roag Roag6.Scotland Scotland-
Roath Roath7.Wales Wales-
Roberton Roberton8.Scotland Scotland-
Roberton Roberton9.Scotland Scotland-
Robertsbridge Robertsbridge10.England England2,047
Roberttown Roberttown11.England England-
Robeston Wathen Robeston Wathen12.Wales Wales-
Robin Hood Robin Hood13.England England-
Robin Hood's Bay Robin Hood's Bay14.England England457
Roborough Roborough15.England England-
Roby Roby16.England England-
Roby Mill Roby Mill17.England England-
Rocester Rocester18.England England-
Roch Roch19.Wales Wales463
Rochdale Rochdale20.England England97,550
Roche Roche21.England England2,517
Rochester Rochester22.England England-
Rochester Rochester23.England England28,671
Rochford Rochford24.England England16,739
Rock Rock25.England England-
Rock Rock26.England England-
Rock Rock27.England England1,203
Rock Rock28.England England-
Rock Ferry Rock Ferry29.England England-
Rock Port Rock Port30.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Rockbeare Rockbeare31.England England-
Rockbourne Rockbourne32.England England167
Rockcliffe Rockcliffe33.England England-
Rockcliffe Rockcliffe34.Scotland Scotland-
Rockfield Rockfield35.Scotland Scotland-
Rockfield Rockfield36.Wales Wales-
Rockgreen Rockgreen37.England England-
Rockhampton Rockhampton38.England England-
Rockingham Rockingham39.England England-
Rockland All Saints Rockland All Saints40.England England-
Rockland Saint Mary Rockland Saint Mary41.England England-
Rockland St Peter Rockland St Peter42.England England-
Rockley Rockley43.England England-
Rockwell Green Rockwell Green44.England England-
Rodbourne Rodbourne45.England England-
Rodbridge Corner Rodbridge Corner46.England England-
Roddlesworth Roddlesworth47.England England-
Roddymoor Roddymoor48.England England-
Rode Rode49.England England1,025
Rode Heath Rode Heath50.England England2,019

1 - 50 of 231 places
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