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Alphabetical index of places in United Kingdom with PU

There are 50 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'PU' (in alphabetical order).
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Pubil   to   Puxton
Places in United Kingdom with PU
Pubil Pubil1.Scotland Scotland-
Publow Publow2.England England-
Puckeridge Puckeridge3.England England3,561
Puckington Puckington4.England England-
Pucklechurch Pucklechurch5.England England2,364
Pudding Norton Pudding Norton6.England England-
Puddington Puddington7.England England-
Puddington Puddington8.England England-
Puddington Puddington9.England England-
Puddle Dock Puddle Dock10.England England-
Puddle Town Puddle Town11.England England-
Puddletown Puddletown12.England England1,158
Pudsey Pudsey13.England England33,109
Pulborough Pulborough14.England England3,993
Pulford Pulford15.England England-
Pulham Pulham16.England England-
Pulham Market Pulham Market17.England England722
Pulham Saint Mary Magdalene Pulham Saint Mary Magdalene18.England England-
Pulham St Mary Pulham St Mary19.England England770
Pulham St Mary the Virgin Pulham St Mary the Virgin20.England England-
Pulloxhill Pulloxhill21.England England569
Pullyernan Pullyernan22.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Pulrossie Pulrossie23.Scotland Scotland-
Pumpherston Pumpherston24.Scotland Scotland-
Pumpsaint Pumpsaint25.Wales Wales-
Puncheston Puncheston26.Wales Wales-
Puncknowle Puncknowle27.England England-
Punnett's Town Punnett's Town28.England England-
Purbrook Purbrook29.England England-
Purdysburn Purdysburn30.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Purfleet-on-Thames Purfleet-on-Thames31.England England12,000
Puriton Puriton32.England England1,968
Purleigh Purleigh33.England England526
Purley Purley34.England England72,000
Purley Way Purley Way35.England England-
Purls Bridge Purls Bridge36.England England-
Purse Caundle Purse Caundle37.England England-
Purston Jaglin Purston Jaglin38.England England-
Purton Purton39.England England-
Purton Purton40.England England3,554
Purton Purton41.England England-
Purton Stoke Purton Stoke42.England England-
Pury End Pury End43.England England-
Pusey Pusey44.England England-
Putley Putley45.England England-
Putney Putney46.England England77,140
Putney Village Putney Village47.England England-
Puttenham Puttenham48.England England-
Puttenham Puttenham49.England England601
Puxton Puxton50.England England-

1 - 50 of 50 places