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There are 80 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'PR' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with PR
Praa Sands Praa Sands1.England England-
Pratling Street Pratling Street2.England England-
Pratt's Bottom Pratt's Bottom3.England England-
Praze an Beeble Praze an Beeble4.England England-
Prees Prees5.England England939
Prees green Prees green6.England England-
Prees Heath Prees Heath7.England England-
Preesall Preesall8.England England5,367
Pren-gwyn Pren-gwyn9.Wales Wales-
Prendwick Prendwick10.England England-
Prenteg Prenteg11.Wales Wales-
Prenton Prenton12.England England14,429
Prescot Prescot13.England England40,889
Presley Presley14.Scotland Scotland-
Prestatyn Prestatyn15.Wales Wales18,701
Prestbury Prestbury16.England England3,342
Prestbury Prestbury17.England England-
Presteigne Presteigne18.Wales Wales2,056
Presthope Presthope19.England England-
Prestleigh Prestleigh20.England England-
Preston Preston21.England England-
Preston Preston22.England England313,332
Preston Preston23.England England-
Preston Preston24.England England-
Preston Preston25.England England-
Preston Preston26.England England-
Preston Preston27.England England-
Preston Preston28.England England-
Preston Preston29.England England-
Preston Preston30.England England-
Preston Preston31.Scotland Scotland-
Preston Bagot Preston Bagot32.England England-
Preston Bisset Preston Bisset33.England England-
Preston Candover Preston Candover34.England England510
Preston Capes Preston Capes35.England England-
Preston Crowmarsh Preston Crowmarsh36.England England-
Preston Gubbals Preston Gubbals37.England England-
Preston on Stour Preston on Stour38.England England-
Preston on the Hill Preston on the Hill39.England England-
Preston on Wye Preston on Wye40.England England-
Preston Park Preston Park41.England England-
Preston St Mary Preston St Mary42.England England-
Preston upon the Weald Moors Preston upon the Weald Moors43.England England-
Preston Wynne Preston Wynne44.England England-
Preston-under-Scar Preston-under-Scar45.England England-
Prestonpans Prestonpans46.Scotland Scotland9,490
Prestrie Prestrie47.Scotland Scotland-
Prestwich Prestwich48.England England32,125
Prestwick Prestwick49.England England-
Prestwick Prestwick50.Scotland Scotland14,750

1 - 50 of 80 places
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