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There are 107 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'OL' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with OL
Old Aberdeen Old Aberdeen1.Scotland Scotland-
Old Alresford Old Alresford2.England England-
Old Bailey Old Bailey3.England England-
Old Basing Old Basing4.England England3,876
Old Beetley Old Beetley5.England England-
Old Bilton Old Bilton6.England England-
Old Bolingbroke Old Bolingbroke7.England England325
Old Boston Old Boston8.England England-
Old Bramhope Old Bramhope9.England England-
Old Brampton Old Brampton10.England England-
Old Bridge of Urr Old Bridge of Urr11.Scotland Scotland-
Old Buckenham Old Buckenham12.England England792
Old Byland Old Byland13.England England-
Old Catton Old Catton14.England England-
Old Clee Old Clee15.England England-
Old Cleeve Old Cleeve16.England England-
Old Colwyn Old Colwyn17.Wales Wales-
Old Coulsdon Old Coulsdon18.England England-
Old Dalby Old Dalby19.England England355
Old Deer Old Deer20.Scotland Scotland-
Old Denaby Old Denaby21.England England-
Old Down Old Down22.England England-
Old Edlington Old Edlington23.England England-
Old Ellerby Old Ellerby24.England England-
Old Grimsby Old Grimsby25.England England-
Old Hall Green Old Hall Green26.England England-
Old Harlow Old Harlow27.England England6,968
Old Heathfield Old Heathfield28.England England-
Old Hill Old Hill29.England England-
Old Hurst Old Hurst30.England England-
Old Hutton Old Hutton31.England England-
Old Kea Old Kea32.England England-
Old Kent Road Old Kent Road33.England England-
Old Kilpatrick Old Kilpatrick34.Scotland Scotland4,850
Old Knebworth Old Knebworth35.England England-
Old Langho Old Langho36.England England-
Old Leake Old Leake37.England England1,242
Old Lindley Old Lindley38.England England-
Old Linslade Old Linslade39.England England-
Old Malden Old Malden40.England England-
Old Malton Old Malton41.England England-
Old Micklefield Old Micklefield42.England England-
Old Milverton Old Milverton43.England England-
Old Monkland Old Monkland44.Scotland Scotland-
Old Netley Old Netley45.England England-
Old Newton Old Newton46.England England828
Old Oak Common Old Oak Common47.England England-
Old Penshaw Old Penshaw48.England England-
Old Perton Old Perton49.England England-
Old Portsmouth Old Portsmouth50.England England-

1 - 50 of 107 places
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