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There are 208 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'LE' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with LE
Lea Lea1.England England-
Lea Lea2.England England-
Lea Lea3.England England553
Lea Lea4.England England-
Lea Bridge Lea Bridge5.England England-
Lea Green Lea Green6.England England-
Lea Marston Lea Marston7.England England-
Lea Town Lea Town8.England England-
Lea Valley Lea Valley9.England England-
Leabridge Leabridge10.England England-
Leabrooks Leabrooks11.England England-
Leadburn Leadburn12.Scotland Scotland-
Leaden Knowl Leaden Knowl13.England England-
Leaden Roding Leaden Roding14.England England-
Leadenham Leadenham15.England England410
Leadgate Leadgate16.England England-
Leadgate Leadgate17.England England-
Leadhills Leadhills18.Scotland Scotland315
Leafield Leafield19.England England945
Leagrave Leagrave20.England England-
Leake Leake21.England England-
Leake Common Side Leake Common Side22.England England-
Lealholm Lealholm23.England England383
Leamore Leamore24.England England-
Leamside Leamside25.England England-
Leargybreck Leargybreck26.Scotland Scotland-
Leasgill Leasgill27.England England-
Leasingham Leasingham28.England England1,584
Leasowe Leasowe29.England England-
Leatherhead Leatherhead30.England England43,544
Leathley Leathley31.England England-
Leaton Leaton32.England England-
Leaveland Leaveland33.England England-
Leavenheath Leavenheath34.England England-
Leavening Leavening35.England England-
Leaves Green Leaves Green36.England England-
Leavesden Green Leavesden Green37.England England-
Lebberston Lebberston38.England England-
Lechlade Lechlade39.England England2,469
Leck Leck40.England England-
Leckford Leckford41.England England-
Leckhampstead Leckhampstead42.England England-
Leckhampstead Leckhampstead43.England England-
Leckhampton Leckhampton44.England England-
Leckmelm Leckmelm45.Scotland Scotland-
Leckwith Leckwith46.Wales Wales-
Leconfield Leconfield47.England England2,127
Ledaig Ledaig48.Scotland Scotland-
Ledbeg Ledbeg49.Scotland Scotland-
Ledburn Ledburn50.England England-

1 - 50 of 208 places
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