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Alphabetical index of places in United Kingdom with BR

There are 662 places in United Kingdom beginning with 'BR' (in alphabetical order).
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Places in United Kingdom with BR
Brabourne Brabourne1.England England-
Brabourne Lees Brabourne Lees2.England England-
Bracadale Bracadale3.Scotland Scotland-
Bracara Bracara4.Scotland Scotland10
Braceborough Braceborough5.England England-
Bracebridge Heath Bracebridge Heath6.England England5,656
Bracewell Bracewell7.England England-
Brackenagh Brackenagh8.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Brackenfield Brackenfield9.England England-
Brackley Brackley10.England England13,018
Brackley Brackley11.Scotland Scotland-
Brackloch Brackloch12.Scotland Scotland-
Bracknell Bracknell13.England England76,103
Bracky Bracky14.Northern Ireland Northern Ireland-
Braco Braco15.Scotland Scotland590
Bracora Bracora16.Scotland Scotland-
Bracorina Bracorina17.Scotland Scotland4
Bradbourne Bradbourne18.England England-
Bradbury Bradbury19.England England-
Bradden Bradden20.England England-
Braddock Braddock21.England England-
Bradenham Bradenham22.England England-
Bradfield Bradfield23.England England-
Bradfield Bradfield24.England England-
Bradfield Bradfield25.England England1,161
Bradfield Bradfield26.England England-
Bradfield Heath Bradfield Heath27.England England-
Bradfield St George Bradfield St George28.England England-
Bradford Bradford29.England England366,187
Bradford Bradford30.England England-
Bradford Abbas Bradford Abbas31.England England975
Bradford Leigh Bradford Leigh32.England England-
Bradford Peverell Bradford Peverell33.England England-
Bradford-on-Avon Bradford-on-Avon34.England England9,274
Brading Brading35.England England1,800
Bradle Bradle36.England England-
Bradley Bradley37.England England-
Bradley Bradley38.England England-
Bradley Bradley39.England England-
Bradley Bradley40.England England513
Bradley Bradley41.England England-
Bradley Bradley42.England England-
Bradley Bradley43.England England-
Bradley Bradley44.England England-
Bradley Bradley45.England England-
Bradley Bradley46.Wales Wales-
Bradley Cross Bradley Cross47.England England3,000
Bradley Fold Bradley Fold48.England England-
Bradley in the Moors Bradley in the Moors49.England England-
Bradley Stoke Bradley Stoke50.England England-

1 - 50 of 662 places
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