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Largest places in United Kingdom

The largest cities and places in United Kingdom at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in United Kingdom.

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Largest places in United Kingdom
Doncaster Doncaster151.England England67,670
Dover Dover152.England England28,156
Droitwich Droitwich153.England England23,588
Droylsden Droylsden154.England England23,689
Dudley Dudley155.England England199,059
Dundee Dundee156.Scotland Scotland151,592
Dunfermline Dunfermline157.Scotland Scotland38,960
Dunstable Dunstable158.England England51,973
Durham Durham159.England England45,696
East Grinstead East Grinstead160.England England26,523
East Kilbride East Kilbride161.Scotland Scotland74,231
Eastbourne Eastbourne162.England England112,906
Eastleigh Eastleigh163.England England54,225
Eccles Eccles164.England England37,275
Edinburgh Edinburgh165.Scotland Scotland435,791
Egham Egham166.England England29,663
Elgin Elgin167.Scotland Scotland21,236
Ellesmere Port Ellesmere Port168.England England67,768
Enfield Town Enfield Town169.England England103,970
Epsom Epsom170.England England27,065
Esher Esher171.England England52,392
Evesham Evesham172.England England22,673
Exeter Exeter173.England England113,118
Exmouth Exmouth174.England England32,972
Falkirk Falkirk175.Scotland Scotland32,479
Falmouth Falmouth176.England England22,222
Fareham Fareham177.England England57,390
Farnborough Farnborough178.England England59,902
Farnham Farnham179.England England36,971
Farnworth Farnworth180.England England25,680
Felixstowe Felixstowe181.England England29,349
Felling Felling182.England England34,355
Feltham Feltham183.England England24,325
Fleet Fleet184.England England34,218
Fleetwood Fleetwood185.England England27,077
Folkestone Folkestone186.England England45,992
Formby Formby187.England England24,225
Frome Frome188.England England24,948
Fylde Fylde189.England England76,500
Gateshead Gateshead190.England England77,649
Gillingham Gillingham191.England England101,187
Glasgow Glasgow192.Scotland Scotland610,268
Glenrothes Glenrothes193.Scotland Scotland38,734
Glossop Glossop194.England England33,243
Gloucester Gloucester195.England England128,721
Godalming Godalming196.England England22,199
Golborne Golborne197.England England24,021
Gosforth Gosforth198.England England23,975
Gosport Gosport199.England England70,793
Grantham Grantham200.England England35,720

151 - 200 of 500 places
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