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Places within 15 km around Knowsley

Browse all places in United Kingdom within a radius of 15 km around Knowsley.

80 places found in United Kingdom within 15 km around Knowsley.

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Places 15 km around Knowsley

80 places found in United Kingdom within 15 km around Knowsley.
Places in the regional area of Knowsley
Gillmoss Gillmoss-2.8 km 1.7 mishow
Deysbrook Deysbrook-3.0 km 1.9 mishow
Croxteth Croxteth-3.3 km 2.1 mishow
Kirkby Kirkby39,2084.0 km 2.5 mishow
West Derby West Derby-4.4 km 2.7 mishow
Prescot Prescot40,8894.5 km 2.8 mishow
Eccleston Eccleston-4.7 km 2.9 mishow
Huyton Huyton54,7384.8 km 3.0 mishow
Roby Roby-5.0 km 3.1 mishow
Fazakerley Fazakerley-5.0 km 3.1 mishow
Knotty Ash Knotty Ash-5.1 km 3.1 mishow
Melling Melling-5.3 km 3.3 mishow
Huyton Quarry Huyton Quarry-5.6 km 3.5 mishow
Whiston Whiston-5.7 km 3.6 mishow
Old Swan Old Swan-5.8 km 3.6 mishow
Thatto Heath Thatto Heath-6.6 km 4.1 mishow
Rainford Rainford6,1316.9 km 4.3 mishow
Aintree Aintree-6.9 km 4.3 mishow
Childwall Childwall-6.9 km 4.3 mishow
Wavertree Wavertree-7.4 km 4.6 mishow
Walton Walton-7.5 km 4.6 mishow
Netherton Netherton-7.7 km 4.8 mishow
St Helens St Helens102,5558.0 km 5.0 mishow
Crank Crank-8.2 km 5.1 mishow
Bickerstaffe Bickerstaffe-8.7 km 5.4 mishow
Woolton Woolton-9.0 km 5.6 mishow
Rainhill Rainhill-9.0 km 5.6 mishow
Maghull Maghull22,2259.0 km 5.6 mishow
Cronton Cronton-9.5 km 5.9 mishow
Liverpool Liverpool468,9459.5 km 5.9 mishow
Sefton Sefton-9.6 km 6.0 mishow
Litherland Litherland22,9719.7 km 6.0 mishow
Aughton Aughton-9.8 km 6.1 mishow
Clock Face Clock Face-10.3 km 6.4 mishow
Toxteth Toxteth-10.5 km 6.5 mishow
Halewood Halewood-10.6 km 6.6 mishow
Aigburth Aigburth-10.8 km 6.7 mishow
Lydiate Lydiate-10.8 km 6.7 mishow
Billinge Billinge6,70010.8 km 6.7 mishow
Bootle Bootle57,79110.9 km 6.8 mishow
Seaforth Seaforth-10.9 km 6.8 mishow
Dingle Dingle-10.9 km 6.8 mishow
Thornton Thornton-10.9 km 6.8 mishow
Town Green Town Green-11.1 km 6.9 mishow
Haydock Haydock17,33311.5 km 7.2 mishow
Waterloo Waterloo1,00111.9 km 7.4 mishow
Seacombe Seacombe-11.9 km 7.4 mishow
Skelmersdale Skelmersdale38,94412.0 km 7.4 mishow
Farnworth Farnworth-12.0 km 7.5 mishow
New Brighton New Brighton-12.1 km 7.5 mishow
Bold Heath Bold Heath-12.1 km 7.5 mishow
Westhead Westhead-12.1 km 7.5 mishow
Crosby Crosby52,14012.2 km 7.6 mishow
Great Crosby Great Crosby-12.4 km 7.7 mishow
Birkenhead Birkenhead81,80512.6 km 7.8 mishow
Collins Green Collins Green-12.6 km 7.8 mishow
Speke Speke-12.6 km 7.9 mishow
Garswood Garswood-12.7 km 7.9 mishow
Upholland Upholland-12.7 km 7.9 mishow
Ormskirk Ormskirk23,79212.7 km 7.9 mishow
Widnes Widnes56,09713.0 km 8.1 mishow
Burtonwood Burtonwood3,26613.2 km 8.2 mishow
Blundellsands Blundellsands-13.3 km 8.3 mishow
Rock Ferry Rock Ferry-13.7 km 8.5 mishow
New Boston New Boston-13.8 km 8.6 mishow
Garston Garston-13.8 km 8.6 mishow
Ince Blundell Ince Blundell-13.9 km 8.6 mishow
Hale Hale-13.9 km 8.6 mishow
Ashton in Makerfield Ashton in Makerfield29,03913.9 km 8.6 mishow
New Ferry New Ferry5,30014.0 km 8.7 mishow
Old Boston Old Boston-14.1 km 8.7 mishow
Earlestown Earlestown-14.2 km 8.8 mishow
Pemberton Pemberton-14.2 km 8.8 mishow
Bromborough Bromborough14,85014.4 km 8.9 mishow
Wallasey Wallasey58,79414.4 km 9.0 mishow
Bryn Bryn-14.5 km 9.0 mishow
Barton Barton-14.6 km 9.1 mishow
Newton in Makerfield Newton in Makerfield-14.6 km 9.1 mishow
Port Sunlight Port Sunlight-14.7 km 9.1 mishow
Runcorn Runcorn59,67914.9 km 9.3 mishow

You can reduce or expand the radius of your search of places around Knowsley: 5 km10 km