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Places within 15 km around Leicester

Browse all places in United Kingdom within a radius of 15 km around Leicester.

77 places found in United Kingdom within 15 km around Leicester.

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Places 15 km around Leicester

77 places found in United Kingdom within 15 km around Leicester.
Places in the regional area of Leicester
Belgrave Belgrave-1.6 km 1.0 mishow
Humberstone Humberstone-3.2 km 2.0 mishow
Birstall Birstall-3.3 km 2.0 mishow
Braunstone Braunstone-3.9 km 2.4 mishow
Aylestone Aylestone-4.0 km 2.5 mishow
Glenfield Glenfield10,0004.4 km 2.7 mishow
Oadby Oadby23,1844.9 km 3.0 mishow
Anstey Anstey5,9515.5 km 3.4 mishow
Thurnby Thurnby-5.9 km 3.7 mishow
Evington Evington-6.1 km 3.8 mishow
South Wigston South Wigston-6.2 km 3.8 mishow
Thurcaston Thurcaston-6.3 km 3.9 mishow
Glen Parva Glen Parva-6.5 km 4.0 mishow
Kirby Muxloe Kirby Muxloe9,7126.5 km 4.1 mishow
Syston Syston11,5086.6 km 4.1 mishow
Wigston Magna Wigston Magna33,7206.9 km 4.3 mishow
Oadby Oadby-7.0 km 4.3 mishow
Blaby Blaby6,3007.3 km 4.6 mishow
Newtown Limford Newtown Limford-7.5 km 4.7 mishow
Enderby Enderby8,1137.6 km 4.7 mishow
Rothley Rothley-7.9 km 4.9 mishow
Ketteringham Ketteringham-8.7 km 5.4 mishow
Whetstone Whetstone-8.7 km 5.4 mishow
Mountsorrel Mountsorrel11,5588.8 km 5.5 mishow
Great Stretton Great Stretton-8.9 km 5.5 mishow
Swithland Swithland-9.1 km 5.6 mishow
Narborough Narborough6,3219.2 km 5.7 mishow
Houghton on the Hill Houghton on the Hill1,5829.3 km 5.8 mishow
Queniborough Queniborough2,3079.4 km 5.8 mishow
Countesthorpe Countesthorpe6,5359.5 km 5.9 mishow
Great Glen Great Glen3,0669.6 km 6.0 mishow
Ratcliffe on the Wreake Ratcliffe on the Wreake-9.7 km 6.1 mishow
Kilby Kilby-10.0 km 6.2 mishow
Hungarton Hungarton-10.5 km 6.5 mishow
Cosby Cosby3,72810.6 km 6.6 mishow
Sileby Sileby7,26110.6 km 6.6 mishow
Little Stretton Little Stretton-10.8 km 6.7 mishow
Hethel Hethel-10.9 km 6.8 mishow
Desford Desford3,22011.1 km 6.9 mishow
Markfield Markfield5,08011.1 km 6.9 mishow
Burton Overy Burton Overy-11.2 km 7.0 mishow
Hungerton Hungerton-11.2 km 7.0 mishow
Thornton Thornton-11.4 km 7.1 mishow
Woodhouse Woodhouse-11.6 km 7.2 mishow
Rearsby Rearsby-11.8 km 7.4 mishow
Quorn Quorn-11.9 km 7.4 mishow
Croft Croft1,77012.0 km 7.4 mishow
Quorndon Quorndon5,07112.1 km 7.5 mishow
Peatling Magna Peatling Magna-12.3 km 7.7 mishow
Thrussington Thrussington-12.5 km 7.8 mishow
Barrow upon Soar Barrow upon Soar5,19612.6 km 7.9 mishow
Barsby Barsby-12.7 km 7.9 mishow
Arnesby Arnesby-12.8 km 7.9 mishow
Seagrave Seagrave-12.9 km 8.0 mishow
Fleckney Fleckney-12.9 km 8.0 mishow
Billesdon Billesdon-13.0 km 8.1 mishow
Gaddesby Gaddesby-13.2 km 8.2 mishow
Illston on the Hill Illston on the Hill-13.2 km 8.2 mishow
Copt Oak Copt Oak-13.5 km 8.4 mishow
Broughton Astley Broughton Astley8,47513.6 km 8.5 mishow
Sprowston Sprowston-13.7 km 8.5 mishow
Lowesby Lowesby-13.7 km 8.5 mishow
Ashby Folville Ashby Folville-13.8 km 8.6 mishow
Kirkby Mallory Kirkby Mallory-13.8 km 8.6 mishow
Kibworth Harcourt Kibworth Harcourt4,89514.0 km 8.7 mishow
Stoney Stanton Stoney Stanton3,53114.2 km 8.8 mishow
Earl Shilton Earl Shilton9,00014.2 km 8.8 mishow
Newbold Verdon Newbold Verdon3,12414.3 km 8.9 mishow
Shearsby Shearsby-14.4 km 9.0 mishow
Ashby Magna Ashby Magna-14.5 km 9.0 mishow
Saddington Saddington-14.7 km 9.1 mishow
Bagworth Bagworth-14.8 km 9.2 mishow
Walton le Wolds Walton le Wolds-14.9 km 9.2 mishow
Elmesthorpe Elmesthorpe-14.9 km 9.3 mishow
Twyford Twyford-14.9 km 9.3 mishow
Hoby Hoby-15.0 km 9.3 mishow
Loughborough Loughborough59,31715.0 km 9.3 mishow

You can reduce or expand the radius of your search of places around Leicester: 5 km10 km